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Dear Members and Visitors:

When I find an item (automotive in this case) that I want to buy, I do an “Online Search” to determine the lowest final price before I make a purchase. Sometimes this may take an hour before I place an order! Many times Supporting Vendors of Discussion Groups like ours here, Do Not have the lowest price, especially when they offer a coupon discount. I have even seen Vendors that have a lower price on an additional E-bay Site. I have placed three orders from CARid with great service, lowest price and guarantee.

I recently ordered a set of Husky rubber floor mats for my Wife’s Ford Taurus Limited from CARid with the absolute lowest price I could find “Online” with free shipping ($50.00 off list price), then added their Discount Code (presently FORUMS) and received an additional 10% off!
Pictures Link:

So check out this Supporting Vender of Dodge-Nitro.Com - Dodge Nitro Forum for your next automotive purchase. You might be pleasantly surprised as I have been.
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