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Chrysler adds fuel shutoff to increase mileage
July 7th, 2009

Chrysler has introduced iDFSO, Interactive Decel Fuel Shut-Off, software that cuts fuel to the engine while decelerating, to increase gas mileage. The amount of fuel shutoff is increased with certain engine speeds. This system increases both city and highway gas mileage, and lights a Fuel Saver indicator light when active.

The system is being phased in on 2009 model year cars and will be on numerous 2010 vehicles. For 2009:

* CVT and manual Caliber, Compass, and Patriot Limited
* Wrangler (with manual transmission only)
* Charger and 300 (5-speed automatic)
* Challenger (manual and 5-speed automatic)
* Nitro 4×4 (4.0 / automatic)

For 2010, the system will be added to:

* 4.0 liter minivans
* Wrangler automatic
* Grand Cherokee V6
* Nitro, Liberty, Dakota, and Ram 1500 with V6 and automatic
* Dakota V8 automatic
* Ram 1500 V8 automatic

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