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Chrysler Australia makes special tribute to legendary 1969 sedan
November 19, 2019
Chrysler Australia 300 SRT Pacer Tribute

Chrysler is helping celebrate its Australian history, with a special one-off version of the modern 300 sedan.
Five decades after the original Chrysler Valiant Pacer was launched, inspiration from it has been applied to one of the last affordable V8-powered four-doors in Australia.
Although only a concept at present, Chrysler promises that a limited run of production cars will follow in the near future for Australian customers.
True blue, or red, or yellow, Australian
Chrysler Australia 300 SRT Pacer Tribute
Launched in 1969, the VF Valiant was an upgraded version of the third-generation of Chrysler’s full-size sedan range. Key changes for the VF Valiant included new body panels, along with the addition of a two-door hardtop model.
However, the biggest change came with the introduction of the performance Pacer model. Aimed at offering affordable speed, the VF Valiant Pacer used a 225-cubic inch six-cylinder engine, producing 130 kW (174 horsepower).
The Valiant Pacer was fitted with a three-speed manual transmission and capable of a 112 mph top speed. Special Pacer decals, and a choice of three paint options including ‘Wild Yellow’ helped mark it out.
Modern style, traditional values
Chrysler Australia 300 SRT Pacer Tribute
The legend of the Valiant Pacer helped cement in Australian automotive culture, and one which deserves to be commemorated.
For the 300 SRT Pacer tribute car, Chrysler has added the classic Wild Yellow paint and red decals to the modern sedan. Chysler has even updated them to read ‘Pacer 392’, rather than the ‘Pacer 225’ written on the original.
This does also mean that the Pacer tribute makes use of a 6.4-liter (392-cubic inch) Hemi V-8 engine, offering 350 kW (470 horsepower) for serious performance.
A more than valiant tribute
Chrysler Australia 300 SRT Pacer Tribute
As impressive as the VF Valiant Pacer was when new, we imagine drivers of it would prefer the eight-speed automatic transmission with launch control, fitted to the Pacer tribute car.
Sizeable 20-inch alloy wheels on the 300 SRT Pacer tribute dwarf those on the original Valiant. The SRT’s front splitter and rear spoiler give it an aggressive appearance.
Chrysler has not yet confirmed how many examples of the 300 SRT Pacer will be built, or how much they will cost. However, for those wanting to relive the glory days of Australian performance, the price is likely to be worth paying.

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