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Automotive News: Chrysler brand may be dropped
June 8th, 2009

This Advertising Age article claims that some Chrysler executives have considered dropping the Chrysler brand, and that some Fiat executives have proposed the same move. Some analysts consider the brand to be tarnished by the company’s bankruptcy and nine years of Daimler’s statements that Chrysler was unprofitable and not up to Mercedes
standards. The Dodge and Jeep brands, on the other hand, seem to be insulated.

Plans to drop the Chrysler brand would explain some dealer franchise removals, and would make way for the reintroduction of Fiat. Eventually, if needed, a luxury brand could still be added - whether it be Chrysler, Imperial, Alfa Romeo, or something else.

The article also noted that Chrysler will be skipping the advance television buy for the year to gain flexibility.

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