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Chrysler bringing call centers back home

March 12th, 2009

According to Paul Alcala, Chrysler’s Director for Customer Satisfaction, Senior Management, the company is in the process of returning support for the Customer Assistance Center toll-free telephone number from India back to the United States.

Alcala says the transition will take several months to complete, but some calls are already being handled in America and the percentage will grow over time to 100 percent.

There will be two U.S.-based centers, Hamlin Road Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and one in Salt Lake City, Utah, called either SLC or Tier 2. All customer calls placed to 800-992-1997 will go to Salt Lake City first, and then to Hamlin Road, if needed.

Alcala said Chrysler is also working on a program that would allow dealership personnel to communicate with either center by e-mail. This feature is already operational at the SLC center and the company hopes to have it implemented in the near future at the Hamlin Road Center.


Hope this catches on with other US Firms
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