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Chrysler Canada:"sales are moving faster than chicken pox through kindergarten"

June 20, 2008

When asked if there has been any memorable quote or motto that has guided him through his life, Reid Bigland says no. But the president and CEO of Chrysler Canada admits to having caught himself using "sales are moving faster than chicken pox through kindergarten" on more than one occasion. It might not be the sort of quote that will be carved in granite, but it is an accurate reflection of the company's reinvigoration. Last month marked 22 consecutive months of year-to-year sales growth for Chrysler Canada, he says.

Bigland recently sat down for an interview.

Brian Harper How is Chrysler Canada fairing in this challenging market?

Reid Bigland I couldn't be happier. In 2007, we began as the third highest-selling vehicle manufacturer in the country and we finished as the second highest. Also, we gained more market share than any of the other 20 manufacturers that we compete against.

Complete Interview & Link:
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