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When Chrysler announced it was introducing a new, fuel-saving all wheel drive system on the 2009 300C, Dodge Charger, and other vehicles, there was some speculation as to whether this was a version of a forthcoming Mercedes 4Matic system. However, according to an article by Bradford Wernie in Automotive News, the system was co-developed by Chrysler and Warn Industries of Oregon; the patent is being applied for by Chrysler.

The system works by simply disconnecting the front axle and transfer case when all wheel drive is not needed, so that the car becomes rear wheel drive only; this reduces drag and could save up to two miles per gallon.

Also in the news was the new blind-spot monitoring system, which Ford will also be adopting after Chrysler's launch; this was developed with Visteon.

Article Link: - Chrysler, Dodge, and Mopar news (1208023708)
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