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February 17, 2009

Chrysler cuts back on clocks and more

You won't see many clocks on the walls at Chrysler's headquarters in Auburn Hills.

The automaker took most of them down -- to save an estimated $20,000 a year on batteries and having workers change the time twice a year for daylight saving time.

It's part of the company's intensified efforts to live on a shoestring budget as it operates on $4 billion in federal loans. Chrysler, which is seeking another $3 billion in assistance, is expected to turn in its viability plan to the government today as a condition of receiving those funds.

Meanwhile, Chrysler is cutting to save money. So far, it has:

# Stopped plowing the top floor of five parking decks and four paved lots at its headquarters complex, for a total savings of more than $350,000 this winter.

# Removed 40,000 of the 80,000 lightbulbs at its headquarters complex to save $400,000 a year.

# Cut spending on Christmas decorations by at least $11,000, to $1,000 in 2008.

# Turned down the temperature in hallways from 72 degrees to 68, to save $70,000 a year.

# Put 32 pieces of art, appraised in 2007 at $2.3 million, up for sale.

# Cut food services. Hours were trimmed at the main cafeteria. Four satellite cafeterias, sandwich kiosks and the executive dining room have been shut down.

LINK:Chrysler cuts back on clocks and more | | Detroit Free Press
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