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Chrysler engineering shakeup

June 19th, 2009

Automotive News obtained an internal memo from the new head of engineering, Scott Kunselman. Other engineering executives report to Kunselman, including one new ex-Fiat executive, Mauro Pierallini, who will head systems and component engineering. Pierallini, former head of product engineering at Fiat Group Automobiles, heads systems and component engineering, and is responsible for body, interior, chassis, electronics and engines. That move may be to facilitate the transfer of Fiat designs to Chrysler, and Chrysler designs to Fiat.

Daniel Knott has been named head of vehicle engineering, responsible for vehicle line programs and vehicle development analysis and validation. Knott had been head of the car, minivan, and SRT product team.

Andreas Schell has been named head of innovation and pre-program concepts, responsible for advance vehicle development and the electric vehicle
units including GEM. Schell, a Daimler man, has been vice president of core electrical/electronics engineering.

No longer reporting directly to Kunselman were Lou Rhodes, in charge of advance vehicle engineering and ENVI, and Larry Lyons, in charge of core components and international engineering. Automotive News asked Rick Deneau about their status, but Deneau was unable to reply.

Continuing in place are Stephen Bartoli (head of engineering planning, including regulatory affairs); Byron Kearney, head of scientific labs, testing, and proving grounds; Bob Lee, head of powertrain engineering; and Thomas Groeschel, head of engineering human resources.

Two new, as-yet-unfilled positions are head of virtual analysis tools and head of engineering finance.

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