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September 15, 2008

Chrysler has developed new web tools that help customers interact with local Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealers. Now customers interested in Chrysler products can find out if local dealers have the Chrysler car of their dreams.

Dealer inventory, messages and special offers will be available to online customers to help them find the closest and best deal possible for their new car. The new interactive web site allows dealers to customize their sites to their advantage.

Chrysler worked with SHIFT Digital of Troy, Michigan to develop its new interactive web presence. The new shopping tools not only allow customers and dealers to connect easier, but it also allows Chrysler and its dealerships to coordinate and integrate online campaigns to mutual advantage.

In large cities, customers can search the inventories of local dealerships to find the make, model and color of their choice while also looking for the best local deals available. Customers living in more rural areas can choose to purchase from their local dealer or see if another dealer not too far away offers a better deal or choice.

Since gas prices have soared yet again, being able to shop online is a great advantage over having to drive to different dealerships looking for the right car and price. Anything that saves mileage and gas is going to be seen positively by the shopping public.

By improving its online presence and interaction, Chrysler is acknowledging that shopping for a new car has changed drastically in the Internet era. More people are looking online for information, pricing and options before venturing out to dealerships to test drive actual cars. Now customers can actually schedule a test drive and and get pre approved for the car of their choice without leaving home.

Creating a more interactive experience for car buyers allows Chrysler and local dealers to bring in customers who are more likely to buy what they have to sell. Providing a win-win scenario for everyone, especially consumers.

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