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Chrysler invests $1.8B into expansion and greening of Jefferson plant
September 9, 2008

Chrysler LLC will invest $1.8 billion to upgrade and expand its Jefferson North Assembly Plant on East Jefferson at Conner. The company plans to increase production at the facility beginning in 2010.

The corporation's goal is for Jefferson North to be able to adapt to the next generation of vehicles to be built in Detroit, which calls for increased manufacturing flexibility and capability and the implementation of green initiatives.

In terms of the former, a 285,000-square-foot addition will replace the existing body shop and changes will be made in the paint and assembly operations.

As for the latter, energy efficient fixtures and energy management systems will be installed, along with an air filtration system; paint sludge will be used as an energy source; unused parking lots will be replaced with grass; fuel consumption and transportation costs will be evaluated and reduced; and paint chips and parts racks will be reused.

Jefferson North was built in 1991 and is currently 2.7 million square feet. It was expanded once already, in 1999, and produces the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Commander. In light of recent Labor Day excitement, it seems appropriate to note that the plant is a member of United Auto Workers Locals #7, #889 and #412.

LINK: Model D - Chrysler invests $1.8B into expansion and greening of Jefferson plant
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