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Chrysler Nationals car show returns to fairgrounds


Carlisle Chrysler Nationals
Jul 8 - Jul 10, 2011

Adult Admission: Th.- Sun. $10
Child Admission: 8 and under - FREE
Gate Times: Th.-Sa. 7am-6pm / Sun. 7am-3pm
Gate-N-Go Deadline: June 06, 2011

First came the Fords, then came the Chevys, and now it's Chryslers' turn. Beginning Friday, the 20th annual Chrysler National Event will be held at Carlisle Fairgrounds.

As an added bonus, Friday is the second annual Collector Car Appreciation Day.

"This year's Chrysler Nationals are special, because this is the 20th anniversary of the event, and we're celebrating in style by recognizing Collector Car Appreciation Day, a national day of observance," said Mike Garland, spokesman for Carlisle Events. "In addition, we expect a large turnout due to our on-site celebrities, including John Schneider, Cindy Williams, Paul Le Mat and William Ostrander, courtesy of the Christine Car Club.

"As always, we offer affordable family entertainment," he added. "If you're a fan of Hollywood and cars that are stars, you'll enjoy seeing this event."

The event draws about 50,000 people to the fairgrounds and is the third most-popular event Carlisle Events does each year. More than 2,200 will crowd the showfield, arranged by make and model year.

In addition to the actors, their iconic autos will be on display, including an original General Lee Charger from "The Dukes of Hazzard," an original T-Bucket from "Happy Days" and the original '32 deuce coupe that Le Mat drove in the climactic race scene in "American Graffiti." A replica of the "Christine" car will also be on hand.

Again this year, one car will be honored with more than just an award at Carlisle. At the 2011 Chrysler Nationals, Mopar will select one car from the showfield to be honored as the "Top Eliminator."

This ride will then be placed on display in the Mopar booth at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November.

Coming to a car show both at the Carlisle Fairgrounds and venues worldwide can be an experience like no other. With tens of thousands of different makes and models to be displayed, the possibility to see something new is almost endless.

For many, a car show is a chance to spend time with like-minded enthusiasts, but for some, a car show is a family outing and a chance for parents to share their passion for the hobby with their youth, Garland said - it's the future of the automotive industry.

At any point throughout the season, parents are encouraged to bring their child to a car show. SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association and Carlisle Events support the "Take Your Kid to a Car Show" initiative, Garland said.

Throughout the season, Carlisle includes various activities geared solely towards youth. The local initiative starts by allowing all children aged 8 years and younger onto the grounds for free, Garland said, and continues with a special "Kids Choice" award at all events and the "Kids at Carlisle" play center at many of the events.

Each event aims to provide something special for the kids, like celebrity meet-and-greet sessions, live music, dancing and more.

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