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Chrysler has begun offering a special employee discount to workers at its top dealerships. The company says the new program will run through June second.

According to a message sent to dealers and released by Chrysler spokesman Stuart Schorr, employees at “five-star” dealerships will be able to buy a new Chrysler vehicle for $750 under the dealer invoice price. Employees at other Chrysler-franchised dealerships will be able to buy new cars and trucks for one percent under invoice.

The offer followed meetings between Chrysler management and dealers this past week in Naples, Florida. The automaker and its dealers hope the move will boost sales at the 3,600 Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler retailers in the U.S.

Chrysler has never extended this level of discount to dealership workers but, in mid-2005, Chrysler joined General Motors and Ford Motor Company in offering employee discounts to all retail buyers.

Great Move! - Chrysler, Dodge, and Mopar news (1209388074)
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