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Chrysler LLC Reports April 2008 Sales; Fuel-Efficient Compact Vehicle Sales Set New April Record

The fuel-efficient Dodge Caliber, Jeep® Compass and Jeep Patriot set new compact vehicle April sales record
Chrysler Sebring Convertible sales take off as spring ‘top-down’ driving season begins
All-new Dodge Journey launches new ad campaign ‘If you can dream it, do it’
Best-selling ‘New Day’ Value Package models continue to attract customers

Auburn Hills, Mich. - Chrysler LLC today reported total April 2008 sales of 147,751 units, which is 23 percent below the same period last year. Overall sales were most affected by slowing truck and SUV demand and a dramatic cut in daily rental-fleet sales. All sales figures are reported as unadjusted.

"The overall decrease in April sales, particularly of pickup trucks, demonstrates that the auto industry continues to be under pressure from the national economy," Vice Chairman and President Jim Press said. "Despite the economic challenges, and concern about rising fuel prices, we continue to hear from consumers that there is growing interest in vehicles that meet specific needs, such as the Dodge Journey seven-passenger crossover for families and the Dodge and Jeep fuel-efficient compact vehicles for young professionals. Our plan is to continue to focus on meeting customers' needs, and managing our overall inventory to best weather this slowdown."

Chrysler’s lineup of compact vehicles continued to connect well with consumers this month. Total compact vehicle sales of the fuel-efficient Dodge Caliber, Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot, which each achieve 28 miles per gallon or better in highway driving, reached an April record 17,977 units last month, up 16 percent from April 2007.

As the spring “top-down” driving season begins, the Chrysler Sebring Convertible finished the month with 2,827 units compared with April 2007 sales of 1,447 units, a 95 percent sales increase. Also enjoying a positive month was the Dodge Charger with sales of 13,021 units in April, a 29 percent increase over 2007 April sales.

In April, the company launched its largest digital-advertising campaign in Chrysler history for the all-new Dodge Journey, ‘If you can dream it, do it.’ The Journey, with best-in-class fuel economy (25-mpg hwy, 4-cylinder), delivers a unique combination of versatility and flexibility at less than $20,000. The Journey increased sales to 6,667 units in only its third month on the market.

As a result of the success of its “New Day” packages, Chrysler will continue to offer the popular packages in May. The packages have struck a chord with buyers by combining the company’s most sought-after features on a wide range of vehicles at reduced prices.

The Company finished the month with 422,353 units of inventory, or a 74-day supply. As part of a planned reduction in manufacturing and capacity, inventory is down 13 percent compared with April 2007 when it totaled 482,786 units.

Sebring 5,376 7,558 -29%
300 5,771 9,136 -37%
Crossfire 193 746 -74%
PT Cruiser5,807 7,753 -25%
Aspen 2,135 1,964 9%
Pacifica 665 8,583 -92%
Town & Country 10,723 15,701 -32%
CHRYSLER BRAND 30,670 51,441 -40%

Compass 2,804 3,239 -13%
Patriot 6,348 2,904 119%
Wrangler 8,699 10,776 -19%
Liberty 6,642 9,543 -30%
Grand Cherokee 6,597 9,536 -31%
Commander2,643 5,202 -49%
JEEP BRAND33,733 41,200 -18%

Caliber 8,825 9,306 -5%
Avenger 5,666 8,214 -31%
Charger 13,021 10,057 29%
Viper 117 47 149%
Magnum 433 2,389 -82%
Dakota 2,564 4,106 -38%
Ram P/U 24,206 31,503 -23%
Journey 6,667 0 0%
Caravan 14,665 23,095 -37%
Durango 2,568 4,674 -45%
Nitro 3,299 5,637 -41%
Sprinter 1,317 1,208 9%
DODGE BRAND 83,348 100,463 -17%

TOTAL CHRYSLER LLC 147,751 193,104 -23%
TOTAL CAR 39,564 49,054 -19%
TOTAL TRUCK 108,187 144,050 -25%
May 1, 2008

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Nitro 3,299 5,637 -41%

I'm glad I'm doing my part to boost one of Dodge's weakest seller. I hope they've gotten some of the bugs out of the '08 R/T that I read about this morning.

Stimulate the economy and get my Nitro right. Waiting for delivery late May.

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