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Date posted: 01-04-2008

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan — Chrysler told Inside Line on Friday that production of the Mexican-built Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible ended without any fanfare on December 21, while production of the Dodge Magnum is scheduled to stop in late March.

"Production of the Dodge Magnum is scheduled to stop at the end of the first quarter," said Roger J. Benvenuti, Chrysler manager of manufacturing and labor communications, in an e-mail. In a later phone conversation, he said that there were no plans to mark the end of production for the Magnum or the other vehicles. "We're letting them all just fade away," he said.

The two vehicles are part of a quartet of slow-selling products that Chrysler said it would pull the plug on in November in response to dealer pressure. Benvenuti said production of the Chrysler Pacifica ended in November. Chrysler Crossfire production ended on December 17 at the Karmann plant in Osnabruck, Germany.

More @ this Link

Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible Production Ends, With Dodge Magnum To Follow Shortly
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