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Top exec Jim Press offers latest information on Chrysler's ENVI electric car

January 30, 10:58 AM

Chrysler has not announced which of its ENVI electric vehicles is slated
for 2010 release.

Chrysler President Jim Press discussed the challenges of continued development of the automaker's ENVI-powered electric vehicles during a roundtable press gathering in downtown Denver on Thursday evening.

Press, speaking to local media members that included myself as well as's Roman Mica and Darrell Proctor, said Chrysler wants an ENVI model on the road in 2010.

Currently, Chrysler is road-testing 100 ENVI vehicles and addressing issues such as the cost and "robustness" of the vehicle batteries. Chrysler is considering leasing the batteries in order to keep consumer cost down - or establishing a "only pay for what you use" strategy. Future developments also include an extended-range electric vehicle with an on-board generator that will recharge the battery when necessary.

Press (formerly of Toyota) says that Chrysler is debating how to create a large-scale infrastructure that will support battery recharging. One consideration is the development of stations that would have charged batteries in stock - a "shared use" concept where a driver drops off a nearly-dead battery for recharging and takes off with one that is fully charged.

That said, Chrysler, like any other automaker in the electric car business, is also eyeing lithium-ion battery development - citing a need for investment in U.S. battery production - rather than trading "foreign oil for foreign batteries", Press stated.

LINK:Green Business Examiner: Top exec Jim Press offers latest information on Chrysler's ENVI electric car
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