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Chrysler to Refresh Vehicles More Frequently, Says Gilles

Jake Holmes on April 21 2011

Chrysler Group will roll out updates and refreshes for its vehicles more often, according to Chrysler Group design head and Dodge president Ralph Gilles, who told Automotive News the move would help boost sales. Chrysler has sometimes been criticized for leaving its products unchanged for long stretches of time.

The majority of Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles were refreshed or redesigned for 2011, and Gilles told Automotive News that such updates become more frequent. “We learned a lot from what we did with 16 products,” Gilles told AN. “In some cases they acted like brand-new cars with a fraction of the investment.” Based on Gilles remarks, it appears Chrysler will make small changes to its vehicles more often, in order to keep them relevant and competitive.

Gilles said the best and most prominent example of this new update strategy is the Chrysler 200. Although essentially a face-lifted and renamed Sebring, the new 200 is more attractive and better to drive than the Sebring. After our first drive, we said, “There is no question the Chrysler 200 is a better car than the Sebring it replaces.” It has resonated with buyers, too, selling 9880 copies in the first three months of 2011.

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