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Chrysler to Stop Caliber Production November


Chrysler is expected to release a new Dodge compact during 2012

The Dodge Caliber is one of the unfortunate models from Chrysler which didn’t have the expected success on the market. One of the drive factors for its downhill direction was Chrysler's lack of interest the quality of their products. Thus the manufacturer will be ending production this year on November 23rd, according to documentation obtained by Allpar.

Opinions on the Caliber are divided as some were pleased with the way it drove and felt while some were turned off by its looks and engines, which needed to be revved high for developing power. Since 2006 when it was launched as a 2007 model, it has had its interior revised later in 2010. Also, mileage and acceleration were considerably lower than other Chrysler makes, for example its smaller brother the Neon.

It is worth mentioning that the Caliber was the first Chrysler model to use electromagnetically controlled all wheel drive with variable torque output. Furthermore, sales of the Caliber and the similar Jeep Compass have never reached the forecasted figures, though the Patriot, which is based on the same platform has managed to achieve some sales success. After pulling the plug on the Caliber, Chrysler is expected to release a new Dodge compact during 2012.

The new model will be fitted with a turbocharged Fiat 1.4-liter engine. The CVT is expected to be dropped in favor of a stick-shift, conventional automatic or a Fiat automated transmission. It is worth mentioning that the next compact Chrysler has to be manufactured in the US as it need to satisfy a requirement set out during the government’s bailout.

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