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Automotive News | February 8, 2008 - 9:00 pm EST

Chrysler LLC dealers are getting their gasoline money back.

Starting March 1, Chrysler will restore to dealers money to give customers a full tank of fuel for new vehicles.

Chrysler executives received loud ovations when they announced the change at dealer meetings across the country.

The cost to fill the 21.1-gallon tank of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, for instance, is about $63.

Under DaimlerChrysler ownership, the company took away the fill-up money in 2000 after rancorous meetings with dealers. The reinstated fill-up is part of a series of retail initiatives the automaker is rolling out this month as part of Chrysler's "New Day Celebration."

In a national road show the last few days, Chrysler LLC's top sales executives — including co-President Jim Press, Executive Vice President Steven Landry and Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Meyer — revealed major changes to dealers.

Chrysler told dealers it will speed parts delivery to them by giving a key component of the business to UPS.

Chrysler also said it will give customers more equipment for their money on 12 vehicles. c

PRINTED FROM: Automotive News
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