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3:17 PM CST, February 15, 2008

Production is scheduled to resume Sunday night at Chrysler LLC's Belvidere assembly plant after a five-day layoff after a stamping-plant press broke down.

About 3,600 workers at the plant east of Rockford were idled Tuesday, when gears broke in a press that makes body parts for the Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass and Patriot, the three vehicles built at Belvidere. Dies to make the body parts were removed this week and shipped to other stamping plants.

"The parts are starting to flow back into the plant," Chrysler spokesman Roger Benvenuti said.

The press at Belvidere is still being repaired, and the dies will be brought back to the plant when it is running again. "There is no timetable at this point," Benvenuti said.

LINK: Chrysler's Belvidere plant to reopen Sunday --
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