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Chrysler Group Offers Complimentary Uconnect Access Trials

Six- to 12-month complimentary trials for registered customers

WiFi on demand at daily, weekly and monthly rates

Uconnect Access makes Chrysler Group first U.S. auto maker to introduce cloud-based, hands-free, voice-activated texting

System debuts on 2013 Ram 1500 pickup, SRT Viper supercar

September 24, 2012 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Chrysler Group is offering complimentary trials of its innovative new in-vehicle connectivity system, Uconnect Access.

Registered owners of the revamped 2013 Ram 1500 and all-new 2013 SRT Viper will be the first consumers to experience Uconnect Access, which delivers in-vehicle services and capabilities that bring peace of mind and driving enjoyment with maximum convenience.

Trial duration is six or 12 months, depending on vehicle configuration. During this time, customers can avail themselves of breakthrough features designed to help them stay connected with the outside world, while remaining attentive to the task at hand – driving.

“Today’s consumers have varying needs for in-vehicle connectivity, so we have made it our mission to satisfy them by providing solutions that are – first and always – easy to use,” says Marios Zenios, Vice President-Uconnect Systems and Services. “Because keeping drivers focused on the road is paramount at Chrysler Group.”

Chrysler Group’s strategic partnership with Sprint enables a revolutionary new connected driving experience. Embedded cellular technology combines a cloud-based voice-recognition system with the on-board voice-recognition system, which makes possible conveniences such as single-step, natural-language voice commands for location-search and navigation-system activation.

Uconnect Access also supports Voice Texting for compatible, Bluetooth-equipped smartphones with Message Access Profile (MAP). Incoming text messages can be broadcast inside the vehicle, enabling the driver to dictate free-form responses or compose new messages for phonebook contacts, all with the touch of a steering-wheel button – no need to memorize pre-determined phrases.

Uconnect Access makes Chrysler Group the first U.S. auto maker to introduce cloud-based, hands-free, voice-activated texting.

In addition, the system seamlessly brings the Internet into the 1500 and Viper, transforming them into WiFi hotspots capable of supporting multiple devices. Connection prices start at $14.99 for daily connectivity. The weekly rate is just $15.00 more at $29.99, while a monthly connection is $49.99.

Looking for a point of interest? Uconnect Access features Bing, a voice-activated, live-and-local search engine.

Simply push the voice-recognition button and request information about, for example, the nearest museum, theater or Italian restaurant. Bing then compiles a list of choices organized by proximity and star-ratings.

Make a selection and place a hands-free phone call to the location, or have the address immediately sent to the navigation system as a destination.

Uconnect Access also is valuable in emergency situations. The system’s embedded cellular connection provides direct, one-button access to 9-1-1 dispatchers. The easy-to-reach button is located on the vehicles' rear-view mirrors.

A second mirror button connects vehicle occupants with a roadside-assistance provider or Uconnect Care – Chrysler Group’s product-support network.

Uconnect Care’s call-center agents will have the ability to lock or unlock a customer’s vehicle. A PIN-protected Uconnect Access smartphone app and web portal will do the same, in addition to activating the lights, horn and remote-start functions on a user’s vehicle.

Theft-alarm notification and stolen-vehicle assistance are also included in the complimentary trial.

Uconnect Access services are currently exclusive to the U.S. Post-trial pricing will be announced in the New Year.

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Chrysler Group LLC : Uconnect Gives L.A.P.D. Big-Screen Treatment


Uconnect Gives L.A.P.D. Big-Screen Treatment

Prototype Uconnect display eliminates clutter for improved ergonomics, officer safety

Expands Uconnect's largest screen to 12.1 inches

Award-winning Uconnect interface integrated with law-enforcement applications

L.A.P.D. to receive test vehicles for real-world evaluation

September 27, 2012 , Auburn Hills, Mich.- When the Los Angeles Police Department pondered how to unclutter their cruisers, Chrysler Group LLC suggested they stay focused on the big picture. Literally.

Advancements in law enforcement have put highly effective new tools in the hands of police. Laptop computers with data-protection protocols have replaced two-way radios for the transmission of sensitive information, such as crime-scene details and suspect identities.

But this new technology also has exacted a price. Police vehicles now are jam-packed with additional displays and keyboards and mounting brackets that not only compromise comfort, they pose a risk to officer safety in the event of a collision.

Enter engineers from Chrysler Group's Uconnect brand of innovative in-vehicle connectivity solutions.

"We saw a clear opportunity to adapt our easy-to-use Uconnect interface for the benefit of police officers and, by extension, society at large," says Marios Zenios, Vice President-Uconnect Systems and Services.

Uconnect's trend-setting 8.4-in. display screen that delivers easy access to functions such as in-vehicle audio and navigation, could not accommodate all the information required by law-enforcement applications. So, Chrysler Group teamed with Continental Engineering Services to develop a 12.1-inch screen capable of displaying data, graphics and video specific to police use.

Data input is handled more ergonomically via plug-in keyboard that is securely stowed when the vehicle is in motion or unoccupied.

And with the touch of a button, the high-resolution screen transitions to reveal controls for all-important vehicle systems, such as climate control.

A concept version of the ground-breaking system will be unveiled in a Dodge Charger Pursuit at the 119th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in San Diego, which runs from Sept. 29. to Oct.3.

Following the conference, Chrysler Group will put three fully-functioning systems on the road in a trio of Charger Pursuits. Chrysler Group engineers will accumulate test miles on one vehicle, while the other two will be deployed with the L.A.P.D.

The project reflects Chrysler Group's solid commitment to its fleet customers. "We strive not only anticipate customer needs, but to deliver feasible solutions in a timely manner," says Peter Grady, Vice President-Network Development and Fleet.

Lt. Dan Gonzalez, who heads the L.A.P.D.'s tactical technology section, worked with Uconnect to develop the new display.

"The over-arching reason we're involved in this is to provide a higher level of safety for the officer," he says.

Other auto makers have attempted to consolidate displays in a vehicle's center stack. Results were mixed.

"From this project, we have created a less-confining vehicle cabin," Gonzalez adds. "Increased safety and a better cabin experience is a 'win-win.'"

Uconnect's groundbreaking display screen and interface have been widely acclaimed by the automotive media. It has been cited twice for excellence by judges of Ward's 10 Best Interiors.

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