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D Doings: Chrysler's Project D Avenger, Sebring replacement plan may go platform sharing route

Chrysler's Project D, the plan to replace the disappointing Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring by the 2011, or more likely, 2012 model year, is gobbling up huge engineering and design resources.

Chrysler is considering three or four distinct ways to do the project, which include: 1) Its own all-new platform (the current models are derived from Mitsubishi's LS platform, but Chrysler has done considerable work on it; 2) Use someone else's platform, either Fiat's premium platform, or Nissan's midsize (Altima), with distinct sheetmetal; or 3) Go further on platform sharing, using a Fiat premium or Nissan firewall, A-pillar and windshield, kind of like Volkswagen's new Routan minivan, based on the Chrysler minivans.

Whatever happens, we still think it's likely Dodge will get midsize sedans, and only the convertible will carry on from the Chrysler Sebring line...

LINK:Chrysler's Project D Sebring, Avenger replacement plan may go platform sharing route - Chrysler's future midsize sedan plan - Auto News - Motor Trend
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