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Startup automaker Coda launches EV venture

Posted Thursday, Jun 4, 2009, 2:45 pm in Employee News

Yet another neophyte manufacturer has thrown its hat into the electric-vehicle ring, Automotive News reported.

Miles Electric Vehicles, which produces neighborhood EVs for fleets, has spawned an offshoot named Coda Automotive, which hopes to launch a freeway-ready electric sedan in California in the fall of 2010, the trade publication said. Coda will partner with Chinese automaker Harbin Hafei Automotive for the chassis, and battery maker Tianjin Lishen Battery will provide the lithium ion battery packs, the story said.

The sedan seats five adults in a pinch and have a real-world range of 90 to 120 miles, with a 0-to-60-mph acceleration time of less than 11 seconds, the Automotive New said. The car’s battery pack can be recharged from empty on a 220-volt charger in about six hours, but a 40 percent depletion can be refilled in two hours or less, the company said.

Coda intends to price the car at $45,000 before federal and state tax credits and sell it on the Internet, the publication reported. The company hopes to sell 2,700 units in 2010, with a capacity to sell 20,000 units annually thereafter, said Coda CEO Kevin Czinger. (Automotive News)
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