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VERY cool - glad to know of this option -

Couple questions:

No aux input on the front? Is there one on the back, do you know?

I assume you lose U-Connect now, and would have to go with the aftermarket module?

Sirius ready, do you know?

And what he said - can you control things from the steering wheel exactly as you could before?

Glad to know this is out there -

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We haven't hooked up the remote, but the installers seem to think there maybe a way once they get more wiring info about the Nitro to use it.

No U-Connect, but for $100 Piuoneer makes a Bluetooth Add-On.

No Aux input, But my glovebox is sporting the $44 iPod adapter, fully controlled through the head Unit.

The DVD player is under the passenger seat.

XM Traffic and Radio ready with module.

The ONLY thing I miss is the steering wheel control, but as stated, it may be revived soon.
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