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Cummins unveils its biggest engine yet

Nov. 1, 2011

SEYMOUR, Ind. -- Cummins Inc. this morning revealed the world's most powerful high-speed diesel engine.

Accompanied by dramatic lights and music, representatives introduced a prototype of the 4,000-horsepower engine designed and built at the company's Seymour Engine Plant.

A team of 150 engineers at the site's design center spent three years on the 95-liter, 16-cylinder engine, called the QSK95. It will take another year to reach production scale, which is expected to create about 200 new jobs.

Each engine can generate 3.5 megawatts of electricity -- enough to power hundreds of homes -- and costs about $500,000 each. They're for high-load applications such as on off-shore oil and gas platforms, drilling and mining equipment, freight locomotives, marine vessels, hospitals and other uses requiring massive amounts of reliable power.

Cummins representatives said the QSK95, which can run on diesel or natural gas, meets the emissions requirements in every country in the world.

It's the first of what will be a series of three new high-horsepower engines. The largest will be a 120-liter, 20-cylinder engine capable of generating more than 5,000 horsepower.


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Now available as an option on the Euro-spec Nitros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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