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Dash Noise.....anybody????

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i Get So Tired Of Bringing In My Vehicle For The Little Things And Having To Wait For Hours Because I Live So Far From The City AND HAVE TO WAIT AT THE DEALERSHIP.

My 2007 Dodge Nitro Slt Started Having A Rattling Noise On Both Ends Of The Dash Inbetween The Doors. This Happened Alot During The Cold Weather Here In Lousiana. Cold Enough. Anyway I Fixed A Problem For Now If Others Have A Need To Know. I Went To Walmart To The Hardware Department And Bought One Package Of Round Rubber Pads That Have Adhesion On One Side And Thery Are About The Size Of A Fifty Cent Piece. I Put Three Together On Top Of Each Other And Stuck Them On The Dash On The Driver And Passengers Side. Feel Around The Dash To Get The Right Spot And You Will Notice That It Is Just A Poor Design That Keeps The Dash Together And Allows It To Rattle. After Finding The Sweet Spot, Stick Them To The Side Dash Then Close Your Door And Drive Your Nitro And Never Hear A Rattle From The Side Of The Dash Again. The Rubber Pads Are Wedged Inbetween The Door And The Dash. Worked For Me. Doesn't Look Bad, Get The Pads That Are The Color Of Your Dash. Thanks For Reading And Good Luck To All.
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guess I Talked To Late, More Rattles Are Being Heard. I Live Down Some Rough Blacktop Roads And One Gravel Road. Everyday That I Travel These Roads, New Noises Pop Up. For One Thing The Dash That Is On The Nitro Is Definitely Not Fitting To Specs. Gaps All Over And Loose Plastic Not Fastened. May Have To Finally Bring It To The Dodge Dealership.
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