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February 6, 2009

DETROIT (AP) -- Chrysler is urging its dealers to take delivery of more new cars. Dealers say the more urgent tone was set in a conference call yesterday by Chrysler Vice Chairman Jim Press. Last month, the company's 3,300 dealers were urged to order 78,000 more cars and trucks this month to help the company prove its viability and qualify for more government loans.

Chrysler would have run out of cash last month if the government had not stepped in with a $4-billion, low-interest loan. The carmaker has until Feb. 17 to prove its viability in order to get another $3-billion loan to try to survive the industry's worst slump in 26 years. Yesterday, Chrysler dealers say they were told the company needs another 15,000 orders by Monday to meet the goal.

LINK:Chrysler Execs Prod Dealers to Order More Cars | | Money
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