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I recently bought a Black Nitro SLT in November. After looking throughout the forums I am surprised that there are no posts about detailing tips or ideas.

I was wondering if anyone has found any good interior dash cleaners for their Nitros?
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I would also like to know what you would use on them black bumpers? I heard armorall fades them. Any suggestions?
I'm a big fan of over the counter products, that being said I use Meguiar’s products. One of the best steps you can do it to clay bar your Nitro after a wash. This will remove all of the surface contaminates on the surface of the paint followed by a wax. This is the easy process, if you wanted to do a full process there are other steps and products you would need to use. For the interior I like to use Gold Class Vinyl/ Rubber. For all of the exterior plastic use Trim Detailer this stuff is easy to use and works great.

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Thank you...will look for that in the store. My Nitro needs to be detailed again. Can't go around driving a dirty Nitro.
I professionally detail on the side. That being said. Detailing is an art that with time is mastered. What you use to apply the product will have a great impact on the outcome. There are different pads (That go on the electric polisher) for different types and condition/stage of the paints current condition. To make a long story short - If you aren't experienced, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.
HollaGeo,is talking about Mothers Back to Black, great stuff for the exterior vinyl.
I've recommended Mothers Back to Black many times and use it on the exterior of my new Nitro SXT. It's the best around. On the interior vinyl, rubber & plastic Armor All... Turtle Wax 2001 or my favorite 303 Super Protectant all do a fine job.
Very important notes:
#1 Never use tire shine on anything but tires! It will be a greasy MESS!
#2 Contrary to popular beliefs Armor All type products ARE NOT very good over time on leather interiors! They'll shine leather and they're not particuarly greasy but over time they tend to dry out leather and can cause cracking. Use a product specifically for leather on leather... there are many car care products just for this.
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