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Aerodynamic Dodge Dart helps Chrysler cheat the wind and become Earth friendly


AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - On this Earth Day, Detroit is flexing its eco-muscle and offering cars that get better gas mileage, use recycled products and cheat the wind. All in an effort to save money and the environment.

The Dodge Dart helps save the environment by offering world class aerodynamics and getting 41 miles per gallon

This Dodge packs a powerful punch in the Earth-friendly department. At the end of each Dart's life ALL the plastics and metals can be recycled.

The Dart’s carpets are made from recycled milk jugs, and the noise cancelling padding in the trunk is made from recycled denim jeans.

But that’s not all! The power steering operates without toxic fluid and the time between oil changes are now farther apart.

“With the Dart you can go up to 8,000 miles before you are required to get an oil change, which is good for the environment because of less waste,” says Peter Milosavlevski, Dart’s Organization Engineer.

Chrysler is dedicated to being eco-friendly.

Earth Day has become Earth Week for the Auburn Hills based automaker, where the company challenges workers to think of ways to save the earth at home and work..

“Almost every decision we make these days is focused on making a green decision,” says Milosavlevski.

But where Chrysler really shines in saving the Earth is when it cheats the wind.

The aerodynamic aspects of the Dodge Dart, with its grille guards and an underbody pan, make the model slick on the road, creating less drag and generating more earth-friendly miles-per-gallon. That makes for a 7-percent improved fuel efficiency and a 10-percent reduction in carbon emissions.
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