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Dodge exec affirms commitment to NASCAR

Posted Monday, Aug 17, 2009, 1:15 pm in Employee News

Dodge president and CEO Mike Accavitti reaffirmed the manufacturer’s commitment to NASCAR on Sunday, the Associated Press reported. He also made it clear that the brand’s involvement in the sport will remain on a smaller scale than some of its competitors, the news service said.

Dodge backs two multicar teams, Penske Racing and Richard Petty Motorsport, but there is speculation that the Petty team will switch to a different manufacturer next season, and no guarantee Dodge would replace them with a new team, the story said.

“We’re not a big organization,” Accavitti told reporters. “We haven’t really been. We need to start acting like the organization that we are. We’re nimble and we’re smaller than the other guys. And we feel like if we focus our resources on fewer teams, that we can produce better results.”

Accavitti said Dodge tried backing more teams in the past, but it spread their resources too thin, the AP said. While Dodge’s ongoing support of NASCAR won’t be on the same scale as Ford, GM or Toyota, Accavitti sought to quell a new round of rumors that Dodge was leaving the sport, the news service said.

“We want to continue to talk to the fans in NASCAR, and we want to continue to provide them with good performance and exciting days at the races, which is what the Dodge drivers have been doing for us this year,” Accavitti said in the story. “And again, we intend to remain involved with the NASCAR sport for the foreseeable future.” (Associated Press)
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