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Dodge Hornet Concept

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May 25, 2007
Chery and Chrysler back at the discussion table

The Chrysler group and Chery Automobile Co. have resumed discussions concerning Chery building a car for the newly "freed" American car builder. These talks had already begun a while back. They were however thwarted when DaimlerChrysler's future was being decided.

Dodge Hornet Concept

At the moment, two models are being discussed for export and would be sold under the Chrysler Group brand. One model, already sold in China, is a small car that Chrysler plans to transport to Mexico and Central and South America to be assembled for sale in those markets.

The other model presently being negotiated would a production version of the Hornet concept car developed by Chrysler. So far, both Chery and Chrysler have agreed to build this new vehicle in China. Production could start by 2010.
Picture & Article LINK:,view.spy?artid=83019&pg=1
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If anyone is interested, and can read German, you can see a lot more info. about this vehicle on the German Dodge Website here:
MyBlue, Just wondering how far "East" in Texas are you.?? I am NE of DFW about a hour...
Jonrs said:
MyBlue, Just wondering how far "East" in Texas are you.?? I am NE of DFW about a hour...
Hey man, you know me from the other forum-HighVoltage-Tim
That Hornet is almost as ugly as the Fiat Multipla which is the ugliest car to ever be built.
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