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How to make a External Voltage Regulator to Bypass a Dodge computer, ECM

Dec 5, 2014

How to make an external voltage regulator fro an alternator. Amazon Affiliate Links Adjustable Dodge Voltage Regulator: OEM Dodge Voltage Regulator: Wiring Pigtail Harness: Inline Fuse:

For a write up follow this link This can be used when the computer/ECM stops regulating the voltage. This can also be done to regulate any 12 volt battery alternator combination. It completely separates the voltage regulating from the computer . Here are the parts I use. A junk yard would also have these parts.

Parts used Dodge external voltage regulator (1971-1989) Voltage Regulator Connector 14 Gauge wire (I color code mine red, black and green for a good ground) Inline fuse with 15-20 AMP fuse (Not necessary but what I do) Screws Electrical tape Wire Nuts (I solder the connections together but some people use wire nuts.)
21 - 22 of 22 Posts