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Thursday, March 20, 2008

While Dodge's all-new Nitro passes the exterior design test with flying colors, something got lost in the execution of the parts and how they work together.

The exterior looks very much like Dodge trucks of old, clearly influenced by the company's Power Wagon concept of a few years ago. I also liked the convenience and ingenuity in such features as the Slide 'n Go pull-out storage floor in the back of the Nitro.

Nobody else offers anything like that.

In the small-details department, the power door locks on the test model were the loudest I've ever heard, rattling nerves and causing passengers to jump when the locks slammed into place with a sound that was akin to guns going off. This racket says "cheap" to anyone who experiences it.

I must agree with this!

LINK:Dodge Nitro could use refinement
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