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I came across this a couple of months ago. I do not like the look and feel of our hard plastic lid. So, I decided to do this, and the results are astonishing! Their work is perfection.

Virtual Shopping

I sent my lid to them, to have them cover it, as I did not want to deal with wrinkles. I had them add the foam. The foam actually replaces the thick, plastic cover on the lid. I did ask if they could just glue the foam on top of the plastic, for added height, but was told that was not possible. By the time you send it to them, depending on where you live (they are in Dallas), and get it back takes not quite 2 weeks, at least for me. The little green Christmas Pillow replacement I used got real old, real quick! But, it is done, and I am a happy camper.

Here it is as soon as I took it out of the box:

Here it is after I reinstalled back in the truck:

As you can see by the link, they offer different colors and Logos. Let me know what you guys and gals think.

My long term goal is to eventually have heated leather seats, Dark Slate Gray, with Red inserts and stitching. I'll probably get the Ram's Head on the front seats. The company that I plan on using to do this can also cover the inserts in the door panels with matching red. I'm not sure if they would use leather or vinyl.
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