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What does it mean and how can I get it off on my dash
Dodge Nitro ESP/BAS light?
The ESP/BAS light on my nitro had come on while I was driving home and what I'm asking is would the vehicle be OK the drive to a shop so I can get it handeled? The light came in about 40 miles from home and there seemed to be no problem driving it that far but I don't want to damage the car more than I already have someone please help

You will not do any damage to
your Nitro by driving it.
The ESP light relates to the "Electronic Stability Control" which helps the handling around high speed cornering and the BAP light is the "Brake assist program" which controls brake pressure left to right side. Drive normally and you won't find any difference in the drive. Also, check with your dealer, give them the VIN of your Nitro and see if the 2 recalls involving your brakes have been completed.

The esp/bas light has probably been one of the most common problems on the nitro. There is a tsb out for this problem, depending on what code the vehicle is setting to turn the light on. The tsb # is 08-010-07 and it involves reprogramming the steering angle sensor.


NITRO TSBs & Safety Recalls

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