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Nitro Grab Rail Solution!

For some reason Chrysler never addressed the exit issues in the Dodge Nitro in its five year production run, by adding any grab rails, as nearly all SUVs come standard with.

A solution is now available and I will have to credit my Wife with finding it in a mail order catalog we received in the mail. Having had knee surgery she has always had trouble exiting from the passenger seat, and is the reason she broke
the passenger seat side cover. See:

She does not have the same issue when she drives the Nitro, since she has the steering wheel to use as support.

After pointing this “Handybar” item out to me as a possible solution, I went to my main source Amazon, where it was reviewed with five stars, and with a $15 savings over the catalog complete with 2 day free shipping (prime member) and no sales tax, here in Indiana.

This model can also serve as a side window breaker and seatbelt cutter in case of an emergency. It will work on either side of your Nitro! Great price and so simple and best of all it works!

Check it out…



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Product Description
Ideal for individuals with phyiscal challenges, recovering from surgery, back or leg problems, expectant mothers, people with low to the ground vehicles or SUV's.

Product Features

Personal support handle for your vehicle.
Makes entry and existing easy.
No costly installation or modification to your vehicule
Strong forged steel with non slip grip handle
300 weight capacity

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