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User Review ARIES 5051 1-1/2-Inch Black Steel Grille Guard, No-Drill, Select Dodge NITRO

Dec 18, 2020

Jamir Zion - ARIES 5051 1-1/2-Inch Black Steel Grille Guard, No-Drill, Select Dodge Nitro Grilles & Grille Guards - frontier grille guard ınstallation on 2014-2015 toyota tundra. top 6 best grille and brush guards in usa - best car care products 2018. link to the grille guard on ebay: . 2014-2018 silverado 1500 black horse off road grille guard - stainless steel review & ınstall. westin sportsman x grille guard at sema 2018. the grille guard also features an optional 12" led light bar that bolts directly up to the grille guard and features a plug and play "handlebar" mounted on/off switch. ARIES 5051 1-1/2-Inch Black Steel Grille Guard, No-Drill, Select Dodge Nitro

Put it on a 2007 Nitro. Took me probably 40 minutes. Looks good. Slightly bent on the upper rail. No one notices but me, so I cant complain too much. Great grill guard that looks phenomenal after installation. Slide a nut plate into existing holes in the frame and mount two brackets that attach in front of the radiator area (DO NOT TIGHTEN ANY MOUNTING EQUIPMENT BEFORE ATTACHING THE MAIN GRILL GUARD - This is important in lining everything up and noted in the installation directions). Also includes top brackets that install where existing hold downs are for the nose/grill piece. Many say the holes at the top of the grill piece need to be drilled bigger, however the bolts for this spot that were included with my kit were too small. I have an over abundance of self tapping bolts laying around the did NOT require any additional drilling to the vehicle. Once brackets are all attached, raise guard and attach three nuts/bolts/washers on each lower bracket, then attach upper supports. Nice tight fit with no road noise or bounce. Install was pretty simple just time consuming. The holes that had to be drilled the other gentleman is talking about are the ones on top that attach Under the hood. That was the hardest part. But once its on its solid and going no where!!!! I highly recommend to anyone super sturdy and my Nitro looks awesome with it Shipping was very fast. The expected delivery time was March 7th and I received it on March 3rd so that was awesome but had to meet semi to pick it up. NO big deal I totally understand it would be hard to get a semi in and out of a subdivision. The brush guard was very well packaged it had NO marks or scratches on it. All the part to install it were all there. Installation time on this is probably 45 minutes to an hour tops most of that time was getting it centered and tightened down. One person could do this installation but much easier with two people. All in all great product.content://media/external/file/17253. I gave 440 for this 4 weeks ago now it is like 280 just my luck. I purchased the Aries Grille Guard for my 2011 Dodge Nitro not knowing if it would even fit this newest model. I had it professionally installed...and was told by the installer that outside of drilling one hole a little bigger for the bolt to fit...everything else bolted on without a problem. The Aries Grille Guard is sturdy and has a good tight rattling at high speeds. One thing that I didnt know about this grille guard until purchasing is that it has two top mounts (in front...over the radiator area) for a more secure fit. The Aries Grill Guard gives my Nitro an aggressive look...which I love. I searched the Internet for several days before deciding to buy on Amazon. I found that Amazon offered the lowest price combined with free shipping. Quick, no hassle delivery. Very pleased with my purchase. I would definitely buy this grille guard again. Its well worth the money! ! Click Link In Description For More Reviews. the grille guard not only looks stylish but also extends the front end of the ryker adding some protection to the factory grille especially for those of you that plan on using your ryker rally to its full potential. can-am ryker front grille guard w/optional led light bar. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support.
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