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Dodge Nitro Inside Trim Codes

There are several inside interior trim codes shown when purchasing replacement mostly plastic, and some metal inside parts for any Nitro. They range from Dark or Light Khaki, or Light or Dark Slate Gray. Pretty confusing since they are all pretty close to being nearly the same.

As a Chrysler Parts Manager years ago I find it hard-to believe that broken plastic seat trim panels (or other hard-to-find parts) are still available new “Online” for my 2007 Nitro. Hell that is nine years! Yes, it does help that since the Nitro remained nearly unchanged for its full production run of 2007-2011, but even 2011 Nitros are now five years old.

If you need a replacement inside part the Khaki colors have a brown grayish tint, where the Slate Gray should be closer to Black. Usually any plastic part that is now available or with the lowest price will work just fine even if not an exact match. If it is more gray than your liking, or more black, just a universal can of black or gray spray paint will be all you need. This also works for any metal inside part, however let’s face it the Nitro is just full of plastic inside.

Carpet is different as with the aftermarket rear cargo mat, but as more items are now being discontinued you may not have a choice, but usually you will be satisfied anyway.

Good Luck and enjoy your Nitro and be thankful at least for now you do not need to find your replacement parts or accessories at a Junk Yard!
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