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Dodge Nitro: Installing Front Bumper Camera


I decide to install this more expensive BOYO VTL405HDL Multi-View License Plate Camera (Chrome) on the front of my Nitro because of its added features. I have read that some cameras when installed on the front bumper show in reverse as if it your vehicle was backing up. This unit has selectable Reverse Imaging option. You can also order this camera in Black with part # VTL425HDL.

General Features:
Universal Rear View Backup Camera with Ultra Slim Bar Type License Plate Frame
• Durable Zinc Metal Frame
• 192° Wide Viewing Angle with Lens Distortion Correction
• High Resolution 720 x 480 HD Camera
• Built-in LED Lights for night vision performance
• Water-proof IP67
• High Sensitivity 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor
• Optional PIP (Picture in Picture) On/Off
• Adjustable Motion Detection On/Off
• Adjustable viewing angle
• Adjustable parking guide lines
• Optional Reverse Image On/Off
• Split Screen straight view and top view
• Super bright built-in LED lights on/off
• High voltage tolerance 7VDC - 24VDC
• Defog adaptive visibility enhancement on the low contrast
• Digital Zoom On/Off
• Color: Black
• 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty
Product Specifications:
• System: NTSC
• Resolution: 720 x 480
• Viewing Angle: 192°
• LUX: 0 with LED's
• Power Supply: 7 - 24V DC
• Operating Temp: -4°F to 122°F

Installing this camera is fairly simple after you create mounting for a front license plate, if you don’t mount it upside down as I did originally because it looked better! (I do not have front license plate). I even drilled a hole for the camera wires at the wrong location, even so after cutting off the larger supplied gourmet, using the smaller one and drilling a wire hole, using a 11/32 drill bit it still looks O.K. Didn’t realize my mistake until viewing picture on factory MyGIG screen.

Installing correctly just use your camera as a template with the wires exiting behind on the left driver’s side drilling a 11/32 hole.
I connected the feed wire to the inside harness installing heat shrink tube first to be heated after all checks out (I used a larger 1/4 size than supplied). Running the inside harness up and to the passenger side engine compartment to be wired tied later.

I used a pre-existing gourmet on the firewall to run cable inside vehicle behind glove box door, after dropping door, releasing the hinges. I used a feed wire to bring cable into the inside of the vehicle to hook to the installed Lockpick.

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