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Hey guys,
Just recently bought an '11 Nitro Heat 4.0, with the Uconnect 130 RES. According to the user's guide, as well as Uconnect's website, there is supposed to be a USB port inside the center console, but, there isn't. I have spoken with the dealer as well as Chrysler Corp today, and both told me "tough luck."

My question is, can i just run my own USB cable and install something inside the center console?

Don't really want a USB cable at all, but the Bluetooth Streaming audio is horrible, so we use the Aux cable for music. But, If I had the USB cable, I could play straight from that and control everything from the head unit.

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Welcome to the forum. I agree with you about the missing USB port in the console - I do not know when they stopped putting them in there. Mine was built in November, 2010, so it was obviously before then.

My Nitro initially came with the Media Center 130. I added my own Uconnect module. It installs behind the glove box, and has an external microphone that sticks to the ceiling, by the rear view mirror. (The instruction say to stick it to the driver's side "A" pillar, but I wanted it in the middle in case my passenger wanted in on the conversation) My Uconnect module does have a mini USB jack. I believe that there is a cable available for my unit, from Mopar, but it is for an ipod. I believe that this cable would allow the ipod to run the head unit. But, any mini USB could be plugged in there!

Did you buy yours new or used? Where is the microphone for your Uconnect? If the microphone is built into your rear view mirror, then your Uconnect was installed at the factory. For some odd reason, the factory Uconnect module resides behind the right rear panel, by your infinity amp. At least, this is what I have been told. Before you do the next step, open your glove box, and let it fully open. Squeeze the hinges inward, and let the door swing fully down. Look towards the right side kick panel, with a flash light. The Uconnect module is a little black box, about the size of a router, and it will be mounted with cable ties on the kick panel. If not, then you will have to proceed with the next step.

The right rear panel is very easy to get off. There is a piece of trim at the top and bottom of the hatch opening - these just pop off. Remove the 2 cargo hooks. On the "C" pillar, at the top is a little square door. Pry it open from the top. There is a plastic lanyard at the bottom, that allows the little door to swing down. There is a phillips head screw in there. Pull off the "C" pillar panel. Then the whole panel just pops off. It is held on by friction clips.

The Uconnect module should be right near your Infinity Amp. If it looks like mine, it will have a mini USB jack.

I have since upgraded to a RBZ mygig, and my daughter streams her android with pandora, but as you said, she has to control the music on her phone.
Other than this, I am not aware of any way to hook a USB to the radio. My mygig does have a USB jack on the front panel, but it is only for loading music on the Hard Drive, via a flash drive. I haven't had this radio long enough to determine if I can plug something in there and have the head unit take over.

I hope that all of this helps you in some way. In situations such as yours, it would be nice to be able to come over and help you out. Let us know what you find.


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ADD 120V outlet

Old Car, New Stuff: Power Inverter – Energizer EN180

Mar 28, 2017

Even if your car is equipped with a built-in power port or two, it may not have enough outlets to support all the electronic devices and habits of you and yours, or said ports may be inconveniently located or accessed. Maybe you want a configuration your car doesn’t have, like a 120V outlet to power a laptop or portable DVD player. Or maybe whatever ports your car has just haven’t been quite right since that last Big Gulp incident.

If any of these scenarios is the case, a power inverter can be the solution. Depending on the make and model you choose, an inverter can give you the versatility to power several devices at once, juice up your laptop or other electronic device, or provide more power and quicker charging than built-in ports in your car. And with prices starting at less than $50, inverters are affordable enough to make sense for almost any budget.

This series details some technological features you can add to your old ride to make it on par with new OEM offerings. We’ll take you through what products are available, how they work, and what they cost. We’re starting with nine products available from the automotive aftermarket provided by our sponsor eBay, who has also graciously offered up three $500 gift cards. We’ve independently made our product choices based on ease of DIY installation, popularity, favorable reviews from other sources and users, and brand recognition with websites and readily available customer support.

Oh, and we’re installing all these upgrades on a 1999 Acura TL with 152,000 miles.

After covering phone mounts with the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 and Bluetooth speakerphone kits by digging into the Motorola Sonic Rider, now it’s time to power your devices with a compact power inverter, the Energizer EN180.

We looked at the Motorola Sonic Rider, which is fairly typical of what’s available in basic inverters. Priced starting at $34.99 on eBay, it has one 120V receptacle, and four — count ‘em four — 2.1 Amp USB ports. Sized to fit in a cupholder, the EN180 comes with one power cord designed to fit in a conventional 12V outlet, and another with alligator clips for clamping onto your car battery.

The manufacturer says the EN180 is capable of powering devices that require up to 180 watts, hence its name. To put that in perspective, most laptops require anywhere from around 25 to 90 watts. A portable DVD player is in the same general range. But keep in mind, the EN180 might not be the best choice if you want to run two high-draw devices at the same time. A rule of thumb is to choose an inverter with 50 percent more total capacity than you need to allow for power fluctuations and heavier demand at startup.

Just for the record, caffeine junkies should know that bringing your coffee maker along for the ride will need around 800 watts to make four cups of joe. If your old heap’s A/C is on the fritz, expect a single room air conditioner to run anywhere from 500-1500 watts. But if you choose to make that particular update, you’re on your own.

Obviously, you’ll want to define your electrical needs before selecting any power inverter, so check the owner’s manual or manufacturer website for any device you want to bring along. And give some thought to the welfare of your car battery and electrical system while you’re at it. Draw too much juice, and you run the risk of draining or damaging the battery, particularly if for some inexplicable reason you choose to watch movies in a parked car for an extended period. For this reason, Energizer suggests starting the car every hour or two to give the battery a boost if you use it with the engine off. If you fail to do that, the device will automatically shut itself down to avoid draining the battery. At that point, the energizer’s LED power indicator will switch from its normal “everything is ok” blue, to alternating continuously from blue to red.

We had no complaints in our time with the EN180, and found it more than up to our relatively modest tasks of keeping two phones and a laptop charged and ready to go. The device includes an internal cooling fan that switches on as needed under load, but remains quiet and unobtrusive. If anything goes wrong, it’s covered by a two-year limited warranty. Presumably, that doesn’t include any Big Gulp incidents.
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