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Mounting Front & Rear License Plates


Front License Plate Mount

If you wish to install a front license plate or install a front camera or better secure your rear plate (bottom) here is how I did it. On the front bumper you will see two dimples that are a guide to where the two upper license plate frame holes would be. Using your license frame or plate or camera as a guide as I did, you should recheck theses dimples as a guide. On my vehicle I found them off only one-eighth and inch, but corrected. I remarked this placement making sure they are level and center-punched before drilling a guide hole.

For mounting I used a Cruiser Accessories 81500 Stainless Steel Ultimate Kit Star Pin Locking Fastener from Amazon. This kit included four plastic nuts that I used inserting into drilled holes. I started with a 5/32 drill bit and increasing to a 29/64 and pushed in the above plastic nuts.

The above Kit also includes special stainless star security mounting screws to mount with and I also used Custom Accessories 93381 Chrome Bolt Cap for License Plate Fastener, (Set of 4) for the front and Cruiser Accessories 82050 Screw Covers, Black for my rear camera frame mount.

Rear License Plate Mount
For mounting the bottom two holes below the factory upper ones I used the license frame as a template. Using the same procedure as for the front plate, drilling and installing plastic nuts from the same kit above you will now have four secured mounting screws.

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