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Dodge Nitro test drive On SpeedTV Sunday morning Oct 29th

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Dodge Nitro SpeedTV test Drive-

8:30AM Pacific Time Sunday 10/29.
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Thanks again RS :D
I Set my DVR to Tape it .... I was going to post it on here But had to Get on to Work ...I kinda make them Nervous when I show up To Too late LOL. ... I was hoping Tommy Kendall would have Communicated a bit more on the Handling of the RT Etc.. But all in all not a bad 1/2 hour show of the SLT and RT. :rolleyes:
Thanks for the synopsis...

Hope you'll get the chance to post it Moonracey. My cable provider pulled Speed from our line-up on the 17th :mad:. I had a car show this morning and completely forgot to ask someone to record it for me.
Hi Linda .. Im sorry What I meant to say was .. I was going to post that the Test Drive Show on the Nitro was going to Air on Speed .. but since I didn't see it until I was just about ready to leave to go to work .. I didn't get a chance to Jump on here and Post it . Sorry.
Linda Are you thinking of Possibly getting a Nitro ?
I'm thinking strongly about it. Was kinda wanting to down size some from my Yukon Denali ( although I like it) but im waiting for the RT's to come out and then make a decision.
P.S....Thank you for the Great pics of ur Nomad and the Old Onyx Store ...
Hope you liked both Elco's I sent you.
Danny B. in NC :p
No problem, I understand Danny!
The pics were awesome, TYVM!!! :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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