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Dodge is abandoning its muscular image and embracing a softer, family-oriented side for its most critical product launch since the new Dodge Ram appeared in 2002. In ads that begin Sunday, Dodge's signature thumping bass and the tag line "Grab Life by the Horns" will be gone, replaced with the shorter tag line "Grab Life" and sunny images that emphasize the minivan's flexible interior, high-tech gadgets and safety.

Spencer said a fresh start is needed for Dodge, which upset some dealers last year when it released ads for the new Dodge Nitro that said little about the sport utility vehicle. Gay rights advocates also raised questions about a Dodge Caliber ad that featured a fairy turning a tough-looking guy with a big dog into a pastel-clad man walking four small dogs on pink leashes. Joe Eberhardt, Chrysler's top sales executive, left the company in December.


Sorry Dodge your early Nitro Ads and "muscular image" is what attracted me to drive and the purchase a new Nitro!
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