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Three years ago, gasoline in the United States cost a little more than $2 a gallon.

That seemed high at the time, but it didn't stop many car buyers from purchasing an eight-cylinder SUV or six-cylinder sedan. Now that a fill-up can cost $80 or more, those 2005 buyers might be thinking of trading down to a new, smaller vehicle in the hope of saving money.

They may want to wait a few more years.

Even if gasoline hits $5 a gallon, the savings at the pump are unlikely to make up for the cost of buying a new vehicle featuring better fuel efficiency, according to a recently published study by Consumer Reports magazine.

The review of various trade-in scenarios "shows that it's less expensive to tough out another year or two with a gas-guzzler than to trade in too early."

Much more @ Article Link:
ABC News: Don't Trade in That Gas Guzzler Just Yet
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