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Electronic Throttle Control Failure

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In case anyone else is searching for similar info, here is my story:

Picked up our Nitro on Wednesday (3 days ago). This morning, the Electronic Throttle Control warning light on our SXT (auto trans) comes on. I hope it's a glitch, turn vehicle off, wait, turned it back on. No light. Life is good, right? I got a block away and the fuel injection started dying 95% to 100%. The Owners Manual says only safe option is to have it towed. Am waiting for tow-truck as I type this. Told the dealer's Sales Mgr he better secure my trade back because this failure would have killed somebody if it happened while turning left across oncoming highway traffic. Man, do I feel stupid. My neighbors will get a real charge out of seeing this new SUV being towed from our driveway.
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i asked Dr Z if my side airbags would save me when mine dies and i get hit . funkin POS
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