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Another Black Eye For Toyota

Toy's gotten lots of negative press lately; from car reviews that trump the new Camry to look-alike Avalons to safety seat latches that don't work and an indifferent attitude. Recalls. Scuffed cylinders and premature engine failures.

This pick up launch is huge for them as they are looking to suck the rest of the gravy off the American auto mfrs so there's quite a bit at stake... meanwhile the Koreans (and soon the Chinese) are going to suck the teriyaki off the sedan and mini ute market too! Unfortuately that giant sucking sound is the future of the UAW and the American worker's pension/healthcare/seniority/stock value.

Having worked for a Japanese company in my career, I can attest that the warm fuzzy marketing face and public image, carefully crafted, is not what happens in the back room or over in the Ivory Towers in Japan. All of the Asians are slyly cultivating the American consumer who is all-too-eager to give it all away!

Good thing this isn't GM or FoMoCo.. the negative press would astound.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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