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Engine Stall

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I just took my Nitro in for service due to an engine stall (2 events) has anyone else experienced this occurance?
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rbnsal said:
I just took my Nitro in for service due to an engine stall (2 events) has anyone else experienced this occurance?

Go to this thread....It had the dealer code to fix the Throttle Control and Transmission problems that are popping up. It is the first thread on that page

I had that problem today when pulling into a parking spot. I was turning the wheel as hard as it could go and the car died... :(
That's exactly what mine did. It's a good thing that we were in a parking lot and not in traffic. The service dept. had to "re-program" the T.P.S. not to cut out at idle. So far no more occurances.
How can they justify this? its totally unexecptable
It seems that we have grown accustom to having glitches and bugs in the first model year. Many people now tell you not to buy the first year, but wait for the next....sounds like Quality Control is slacking.

Well folks! Went to the in laws yesterday and as we were pilling into their driveway the engine died on us, on a busy street that people do 50 MPH on and we were sticking out into the road, thank god nobody hit us and I was able to get the car started fast enough before the semi came along! I am calling the dealership this morning to make my appointment for them to fix it along with the finding the gears issue! UGH! First year problems are sad! Make sure there are none before you put a new car out. Can first year bugs be considered under the lemon law?
I purchase a all black SLT back in Dec for my wife Christmas gift.I 've notice that sometimes when the Nitro is put in drive it doesn't move untill you give it some gas is ths normal? any ideas? Also the the nitro as a rough idling not too rough but enough too feel the miss .And finally last night the nitro fail to start on the first try till the third time did it start .Anybody having the same problems?With all the goodies I install it looks like a H3 or a small Range Rover.Any help.
Dealer told me that mine was stalling due a shorted rear right speaker. The short in the speaker, was affecting the stereo controls in the steering wheel which caused the steering angle sensor to short. The short in the SAS is what is supposedly causing the NITRO to die at full steering lock at low speeds. :confused: This started happening about an hour after we left the dealership, and has happened three times thus far.
Mine has stalled twice. dealer can find nothing wrong
Go to the dealer and tell him to open his eyes, Dodge put out a TSB on this problem about a month, month & a half ago. starscan fix takes like 15 min.
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