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Fiat suppliers to get access to Chrysler contracts


The procurement chief of Chrysler Group has suggested that Fiat suppliers are set to win additional contracts in the US as the US carmaker begins selling Fiat-based vehicles.

Dan Knott, Chrysler’s head of purchasing, was quoted in a report in as saying that, reciprocally, Chrysler’s current suppliers benefit from additional access to Fiat contracts in Europe.

Chrysler is gearing up to produce some eight compact and medium-sized vehicles that will share Fiat’s CUS-Wide platform and a slimmed-down version used in the Giulietta.

Knott said in the report that has Chrysler approached some suppliers that had worked with Fiat in Europe on the compact Giulietta to take advantage of their experience.

“A fair number of the platform folks that were already on the Giulietta picked up some of that business,” Knott said.

According to the report, one company that looks to benefit from the alliance is Magneti Marelli SpA, the Italian supplier that is part of Fiat Group. Magneti Marelli produces lighting, instrument clusters, infotainment modules, shock absorbers and powertrain components, and is a supplier to the Dodge Dart.

CEO Eugenio Razelli told that the alliance between Chrysler and Fiat “is a great opportunity to have a much faster growth in this market and we are already witnessing an increase in the OEM business in North America.”

Knott added: “I have not seen significant gross differences between Chinese suppliers and other suppliers. Chinese suppliers have won business for various reasons, some of them due to economic reasons, some of them due to quality,” Knott told Automotive News. “I won’t source based solely on economics.”

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