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Groucho Marx put it best. "Ah, Liberty. There's nothing like liberty. Except maybe Colliers and The Saturday Evening Post."

That was much funnier back in the days when the audience understood that Liberty, Collier's and The Saturday Evening Post were popular glossy magazines. Here's the update: Ah, Liberty. There's nothing like Liberty, except maybe Nitro.

The small-mid-size Dodge Nitro SUV launched about a year ago on an updated Jeep Liberty platform. Jeep has been busy launching its smaller, four-cylinder-only cute utes, the Compass and Patriot. So finally, now, the stalwart Liberty gets the same updates as benefit the Nitro. And it gets a more macho-looking Jeep seven-slat grille, replacing the more rounded, friendly-looking grille that ironically has been applied to the iconic, macho Wrangler.

Good Review from MotorTrend Mag. Link below:
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