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I have been considering replacing my daily driver with a Nitro. But had not spent any time with one. Well this last week I had to travel on business and got a Nitro for 5 days. Was an interesting experience. :)

Just wanted to check with current owners to see if my observations were correct. So here is what struck me:

The Nitro was a base model SXT with automatic trans.

1- Seemed a bit twitchy on the highway. Straight line stability did not seem to be the best.

2- Brake pedal seemed to have a lot of travel. Step on the brake and the pedal keeps going down and going down and going down and....

3- The seat lacked any lower cushion adjustment. Front edge seemed low but no was to tilt the cushion. Maybe would be better with power seats?

4- No dead pedal for the left foot. Seems that the leg just dangled.

5- The seat belt dug into my back every time I got in the car. Due to the alignment of the door, seat, steering wheel, every time I got in the buckle on the seat belt, running down the side of the seat, would dig into my back.

Otherwise I really enjoyed the car but maybe an upgrade to the SLT would be very worthwhile.


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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